Reduce Churn and Save Revenue

Save customers, collect feedback, and keep users happy by providing a better cancellation flow.

Find out why why your users cancel

Break down why users are leaving so you can decide what to work on next. Users can select one of the reasons you provide as well as give their own custom feedback.

Save Customers

  • done Pause Subscriptions
  • done Switch Plans
  • done Extend Free Trials
  • done Offer Discounts
  • done Contact Your Support Team

Set up all of your offers without writing a line of code!

Control who can get an offer and even prevent customers from using the same offer more than once.

Easily Customize to fit your Brand

You can customize colors and update veribiage - code free!

Important Metrics on your Dashboard

  • done Total Revenue Saved
  • done Every user interaction

Proactively reach out to customers that might be considering cancelling your service.

Keep Users Happy

Hiding the cancel button annoys users, but giving them alternatives can prevent churn.

Our approach makes it as easy as possible for customers to cancel if that is what they want, but gives you a chance to understand why.

We integrate directly with Stripe. All you have to do is connect your account and we'll take care of the rest.

Use our plugin to make integrating with your no-code website simple.

Flexible Plans

Choose a plan that works best for you and your team.

No Risk

$ 0 / month

done No Monthly Fee

done Unlimited Users

done Unlimited Cancellations

done 30% of 1 month saved revenue


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Small Business

$ 50 / month

done Flat Fee

done Unlimited Users

done 1000 Cancellations / month

done 0% of saved revenue

Get Started east

Best Value


Contact Us

done All features in Small Business

done Growth oriented

done Priority support

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